viernes, 1 de noviembre de 2013

Here we go... again

Just as something that's starting to became a tradition, new course... and new inscription :-)

Yes, one more year, I'm participating (again) on the Free Software Universitary Championship, that so many good moments gave me the last year. That's the reason why I will participate again with ShareIt!, only that this time with a fairly more ambitious project (if something like this is possible!): make it a production-ready P2P framework focusing on easy to use and freedom of speech instead of just a P2P filesharing application. This has the problem that will need an almost from scratch rewrite (that I'm currently doing) isolating each area and making a lot of efforts of making them solid and future-proof, but as the existence of another WebRTC-based project on the championship shows, this kind of technologies will be the basis of the future new Internet applications on a mid-term, and it compensate the effort to give them a try. Ey, I got a job thanks to them, so they shouldn't be so bad anyway! :-D

I only hope that the job and the studies (hopefully this is my almost-last-year of college :-) ) don't kill me too much time to dedicate to the project (it's almost one month that I don't write any line of code... :-/ ).

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