miércoles, 25 de diciembre de 2013

Still alive

It was almost two months from my last post, and as you can see on my GitHub account, I've didn't do any commit to ShareIt! on this time. Reason? Job and classes (and in fact I've drop out of the gym and the KinBall team during this time to focus on them...). In fact, I wanted to release ShareIt! 2.0 on the aniversary of the release of ShareIt! 1.0 "Armageddon", but it was fairly impossible, as the holidays I've taken on Las Palmas to don't get me insane shows.

Now that I have got for the first time in some years full Christmas holidays, I'll try to retake the P2P project and move it forward, although I have some pending practices for it. This is not the best year for my personal projects, but at least I hope I can finish the degree the next year, so the effort will pay off... :-)

And if not, we can always take a piece of cake... :-P