miércoles, 5 de febrero de 2014

Change of song

As you already know, this year I'm not devoting to much time to my projects nor the championship due to the work and the classes, and I'm advancing on ShareIt! more slowly that what I wanted.

None the less, in the last days after the exams I have been pushin WebP2P.io working on a rewrite from scratch and now has get a really clean, nice code and stable performance, and it's starting to became something really serious to be usable. My intention was to release a 1.0 version this days, but I got the conclusion that it's better to wait and get a more mature protocol, and implement from start a secure, anonimous and reliable one instead of change it in the future.

That's the reason I've decided to follow the advice of my teacher and employer Prof. Luis López and change my strategy: instead of focusing on code development, focus on the development of the ideas and write papers and specs of them. This way, I can be able to make development more dynamic and request help from others more easily (no long debuging nights stage ;-) ), instead of need to wait to have it finished (if so!) just to see that it was a waste of time, and dedicate to development when I have more time (probably summer, or maybe also the next course if I can be able to integrate my ideas in the products of my company :-) ) with the advantages of having the concepts more polished and go straight to code them.

So, at this moment I doesn't have written the specs of the new version of the protocol, but I hope to have them in some days and I'll put a post to talk about their main points. Stay tunned! ;-)