sábado, 23 de febrero de 2013

if you can not beat them, get yourself a window and jumps

During the last six months I have been waiting for just-this-week. Why? Easy: last wednesday was the expiration day of the best domain for the project: share.it. The fact is that it was abandoned (although being a good one...) so I waited for it, but at the last moment it was renewed for one more year without any reason, and in fact currently is empty and also without a parking page. I tried to contact with it's current propietary without success, so the best option was to forget about it.

...until yesterday. I was reading the newspaper during the lunch time when I saw a full page ad from a new domain provider offering .es domains for 5€, and then got an idea: I checked out for share.it, shareit.com, shareit.net... without success, but NOT for shareit.es!!! So I quickly runned to the free-access room just to find that for inaugural promotion, the domains will be for a week at just 1€... and that the .es was free :-)

So here we are, I'm proud to show you the new ShareIt! home page, ShareIt.es:

It needs some clean-up and to fill it a little, but it a good start :-)

Also, if someone can reach me the infamous .it domain, I will thank him indefinitelly :-P

lunes, 11 de febrero de 2013


With comments like this...

I have not the pleasure of meeting this guy personally, but I know his work and I can tell you that is available to very few. And when you consider their age and other circumstances, we can say that is one of a kind.
So what can I say. He is good and he knows it, his work is there and anyone who knows what this is all he knows. A wretched HR dauber come to waste your time and make stupid questions, I see it a lack of respect. The problem is from the HR department who have failed to assess their profile before interview. Does negotiate their contracts a top player like a regional division one? That's it.
And finally, I think you confuse arrogance with pride. If usually we would had a little bit of pride in this sector, sure we all would go much better.

...you, dear stranger, made me smile :-)

Ok, the Slashdot effect thanks to this publicity was not bad, too... :-P

domingo, 10 de febrero de 2013

Technical issues

Trying to add support for native DataChannels on Chromium v26 I have had some problems in the last days and ShareIt! was not working correctly, so after going back and fixing it I decided to do a Draconian decission: no more references to external libraries, and use instead a local copy. I know this would break one of the points of the Universitary Free Software Championship (re-use existent code), but the fact is that the external libs are all in an unique place (the /lib folder) so it can be easily upgraded, and also this has several advantages, like being sure to have a working version all the time since it's being used an expecific version of the libraries, being easier to deploy on any other place, and since all the code is auto-contained now I don't require to add some special permissions on the FirefoxOS manifest file, so users don't need to worry about them. This also has lead me to isolate the usage of the EventTarget.js library only to WebP2P, so now the UI uses exclusively jQuery events, making it more straigforward to develop and to use less memory usage. Now it only keeps to finish a script I'm working on to update all the external libraries at a time, so the fact of being the libraries inside the source code tree or as external libs would be indiferent.

sábado, 9 de febrero de 2013

Finalist on T3chFest!

With a punctuation of 19.2 over 20 and currently in the second position on the classification (the first one is for an universitary social network, that being the truth, I would love to see it being used as my university virtual campus... :-D ), I've been finalist on the T3chFest and the next friday I will present ShareIt! in front of a crowd of 70 persons and also compete for the final points for the first position :-D It will be recorded and also streamed, so I will upload the video when I get it :-)

A little bit more work, and the next step the final of the national Universitary Free Software Championship! :-D