lunes, 22 de julio de 2013

One year ago...

One year ago I didn't know what WebRTC was. In fact, if someone would talked to me about a new in-development technology to directly connect web browsers between them and that I would became some months later a international reference doing keynotes and receiving several job offers thanks to it, I would give him a pokerface :-P

But just one year ago I had a dream. I dreamed about me asking myself why browsers couldn't be able to transfer files between them in real time and how WebSockets could help on this (real time communications between a browser and a server are the main purpose of WebSockets). After this and concluding it was a good idea, I asked myself "how the browsers would meet themselves? They would need an ID"... and at this moment I got something that would be comparable to a revelation or an epiphany: just came to my head an splash of the TeamViewer call ID window...

Just have an ID for each WebSocket connected to the server and use it as an address book! EUREKA!

After that, I was not able to get back to sleep :-P

So, I had the sensation of found something great, just great enough that if I got fired from my work (something that in fact it happened just less than a week after) it only would means that it was my destiny and I should as hard as possible to develop it. So, I asked for advice to a friend of mine about create something like PasteBin but for files (something that recently has developed Pipe). He was not confident about the commercial viability of the project (it would require both ends to be connected at the same time and also there's already a lot of ways to transfer files that doesn't have this requeriment, for instance DropBox), so I decided to take another way:
- Ok, so what if I convert it on a P2P network and register on the Universitary Free Software Championship?
- If you do it, you will crush the others and win them by several heads of advantage ;-)
So I did it... and several months later I won it :-)

I'm the one in the middle with the beard and the trophy in the hand :-)
To be honest, by that time I was not really sure about how I would do it (I've never been a networks guy) nor if someone had my idea before, so I started to look for some example code to start about. That's the way I ended finding DirtyShare, a proof-of-concept whoose concept was almost similar to the mine, but that was talking about something a new technology called WebRTC and also about the WebP2P maillist. That was interesting, so looking for it, I found that it was really a better approach that the original one using WebSockets, that it was starting to being available... and that the part where I was interested, the DataChannels, was not ready yet, so that was the reason I developed DataChannel-polyfill, people started to take interest on my work and I started to forge myself a name :-D

So, this has been a really long and intense year for ShareIt! and for myself, learning a lot and coding a lot and getting more success that what I would imagine on first place :-) But this doesn't means the end of this journey, since in fact I'm still working on it and I will show ShareIt! the next course as my degree thesis thanks to the collaboration of professor Luis López. That's the way seems that the version 2.0 is not only around the corner but also will be really awesome, with a high focus on portability and modularity, code reliability (WebP2P.io, the underlying handshake framework, it's a really nice piece of cake :-D ) and easyling to integrate it on other products, expanding it to new horizonts like using it for P2P audio streaming (yeah! :-D ). Thank you to everybody that has offered to me their support and please don't move from your seats or you would loose the fast moving news that are comming around ;-)

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