viernes, 21 de diciembre de 2012

ShareIt! 1.0 "Armageddon"

Some centuries ago some guys from central America supposed today would be a great day (you know, with Sun in the sky and singing birds all the way :-P ), so being today the End of the World, why don't try to collaborate a little bit on it on a so-signed date? ;-)

This is the reason why after an infernal week (literally, 6 exams in just four days... :-S ), some adjust on my scheudle and too much work coding up to late I'm so proud to announce that, finally, I've released the first stable, usable and feature complete (up to some degree) version of ShareIt!, the first server-less pure client-side Javascript and HTML5 P2P application in the world build over WebRTC DataChannels, that sweetly I've decided to nickname it "Armageddon" to remember this marvelous day (hey, at first I decided to name it "Doom's Day", but "Armageddon" starts by "A" that's fairly better for a first release :-P ).

So here you have it, with improved control on the transference code and an upgraded user interface. Finally it's working using MD5 for the hashes instead of TTH but it was just a lack of time to do it (basically, I will have to build my own implementation from scratch...) and currently there's no search support, but I have finished to add documentation on the code and hope to do this improvements soon and also some other cool ones like a headless daemon and a mobile version ;-) Obviously, all the code is on my GitHub repository, so go ahead, fork it, send me your patches and start using it with your colleages. Let's begin the party! :-D

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