lunes, 26 de noviembre de 2012

The longest journey: the movie

One thing that I forgot to mention on my previous post related about my last freaking awesome weekend was the fact that I have proves about it happened, so like they say in Facebook "if there's no picture it didn't happen", here it's the video about my WebRTC DataChannels & ShareIt! project I did the last friday in front of 75 persons on the RealTimeWeb conference (sorry, audio in spanish... Having only about three minutes you don't have too much time to think in english and you can only hope to talk as fast as possible... :-P).

If you can't be able to see the video you can download it on MP4 or WebM.

Just to say that althoug in the video it "doesn't work" later I investigated and was a bug of Chrome v25 unstable (obviusly... ¬¬) and just closing the tabs and openning them again it worked the second time (now I need a new video to show that it happened... :-P )

Slides are availables on the RealTimeWeb site and also the ShareIt! repository.

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