jueves, 6 de diciembre de 2012

I have competence!

It was really a surprise when on the ShareIt! commits network graph I see a new history line under mine. Who is that guy? What's doing? And why didn't tell me he is working on my code?

QuickShare is a little web page whose only purpose is just share files between two peers though an intermediate server using websockets in a similar way to how PasteBin works, that it's exactly the idea I had when started to build ShareIt! up to the most minimal details before knowing the existence of the WebRTC technology and changed it to a full fledged P2P filesharing application. The truth is that is not using my code at all... it's a fork done directly from the same commit of DirtyShare where I started ShareIt! so our projects are somewhat siblings :-P

But hey, at least I would be able to use its terms of use as basis for my own ones... :-D