sábado, 23 de febrero de 2013

if you can not beat them, get yourself a window and jumps

During the last six months I have been waiting for just-this-week. Why? Easy: last wednesday was the expiration day of the best domain for the project: share.it. The fact is that it was abandoned (although being a good one...) so I waited for it, but at the last moment it was renewed for one more year without any reason, and in fact currently is empty and also without a parking page. I tried to contact with it's current propietary without success, so the best option was to forget about it.

...until yesterday. I was reading the newspaper during the lunch time when I saw a full page ad from a new domain provider offering .es domains for 5€, and then got an idea: I checked out for share.it, shareit.com, shareit.net... without success, but NOT for shareit.es!!! So I quickly runned to the free-access room just to find that for inaugural promotion, the domains will be for a week at just 1€... and that the .es was free :-)

So here we are, I'm proud to show you the new ShareIt! home page, ShareIt.es:

It needs some clean-up and to fill it a little, but it a good start :-)

Also, if someone can reach me the infamous .it domain, I will thank him indefinitelly :-P