lunes, 28 de enero de 2013

When ShareIt! met Gnutella...

On the recent post on HackerNews has appeared a curious comment:
Hmm, it sounds like you're reimplementing Gnutella for the browser, which is not necessarily a bad thing!
I've never been a P2P guy since I was connecting to Internet using neigtbours wifi (and it was already dificult to do just plain e-mail and web surfing...), so the other times I read about how the diferent P2P protocols worked I only got the more superficial idea. That's the reason why this comment got my interest and take a look on wikipedia.

But this time it was diferent: I'm developing my own P2P protocol, so now I know what all that words means, and maybe just a trick of my unsconscious or maybe just serendipity, but I got a good surprise... both protocols and priorities ARE ALMOST THE SAME!!!! :-D This have two direct implications:

  1. ShareIt! and the WebP2P protocol are not a total innovation "of my own", so this would be a little bit annoying (the "not invented here" complex... hey, what's the matter? I was raised using Macintosh... :-P )
  2. on the other hand, having both projects the same concepts in mind I could learn from their errors, and also adapting the protocol to use theirs and creating proxies in the same way of the SIP-over-WebSockets ones, I would be able to access to the currently in active most used P2P network in the world by free :-D
I don't know, but by the moment, I'll try to send an email to the Gnutella guys to see what's happens... :-P