sábado, 26 de enero de 2013

Unexpected consequences

Yesterday I published about WhatAreYouDownloading, isn't it? Ok: this morning his author ShirsenduK has finally uploaded his project to internet, but also it put a post on HackerNews about it. I can only say one thing:

What a madness!!! :-P

The fact is that in just some hours that's got crazy and people it's totally enthusiasmated about my project and they are forking, publishing and starring it on GitHub like there's no tomorrow!!! And the same it's happening with WhatAreYouDownloading. In fact, in just 8 hours I've got a 50% more stargazers than in the previous 6 months. Pfeu! :-P However, the most annoying thing I found reading the HackerNews comments (appart from some interesting links about networks and P2P security) was:

An in-browser BitTorrent client using my technology?!?! O_o

I don't know if I should get happy about building it, or get angry because nobody told me it... :-P

Also, one unexpected side effect of so much forks is that I didn't knew that they are done also with their branchs, so the production branch is also being copied... and automatically published by GitHub :-D This has lead me to the decision that it's the best for the project to split WebP2P on an independent project and improve the documentation to make sure that all this forks follow a common standard and can keep living, whatever finally happens with the championship regarding to the source code repositories.

Finally, the revolution it's starting, and I have first row tickets and a pop-corn bucket to see it... :-D