sábado, 6 de abril de 2013

ShareIt! working on anonimous XMPP (at last!!! :-D )

It was fairly more difficult to achieve that what I though at a first, but finally now it has been possible: ShareIt! is using an anonimous XMPP server to do the initial handshake instead of PubNub, so now it's not using a centralized server (it keeps the DataChannel-polyfill backend, but it's a matter of some more weeks until native support gets more stabilized) and it's using a distributed, federated network. I needed to change several things on the protocol and the implementation so now the inter-peers routing doesn't work, but I hope to fix it easily after changing WebP2P to be able to use several DataChannels at a time. This is really a HUGE step on the project viability, by the way, and just in time for the next milestone... :-D