lunes, 8 de abril de 2013

ShareIt! 1.1: Braveheart

Today is an epic day for ShareIt!. Lately I have been able to use the project for my networks class, and this "extra time" about working on in during my study time and also with the guidance of my teacher have lead me to make some great improvements on it, and now I'm proud to show you ShareIt! 1.1: Braveheart.

This new release not only has a lot of bugfixes, but also has a really better code structure that would allow to be easier to accept external collaborations and start adapting it to became a general purpose P2P framework, but also some great improvements on security, being the most important one the fact that now it uses by default anonimous XMPP servers to manage handshakes while being still compatible with the old system using PubNub, connect automatically to other peers on load to start creating a network mesh and speed up the connections, and not only that, now it's integrated a mobile version of the application, so if you access from your mobile phone or tablet you will be able also to use it and transfer files wherever you are. Also, all this things are ready not only for my tearcher's revision that I have in some hours that also for the keynote I'll have this afternoon at #JoinBiz10 :-D

So here you are, happy testing and don't forget that the user feedback, issues and pull requests are always welcome... :-D