lunes, 4 de marzo de 2013

T3chFest Keynote

Finally, after two weeks while they were editing it, I've just received the video of the T3chFest presentation :-D

As you can see, the keynote was really well, without failures and a lot of question at the end (in fact I was almost the only one that got questions :-P ) although the limited time :-D Unluckily, I only got a third position. The reason? "It's not enought commercial, but you should think about develop it as a research project".

Taking in account that I was hearthly confident that I would get to start a company from ShareIt! and how is the situation of research on Spain, at a first point I toke the comment really bad, but on a second chance I though, isn't this was I always wanted? :-) To be honest, I've always wanted to work on R&D on my own projects, only that I need to pay the bills. That's the reason why I think that finally I'll do my career thesis with ShareIt! and work on it as an research project after that on my spare time (although it would be better to find a filantropist that believe in it! :-P ). In the last days I have been thinking about some interesting concepts for the next version of ShareIt! and WebP2P becoming them in a more general and ambitious project, and they'll need some attention and love to became true... :-)