lunes, 11 de febrero de 2013


With comments like this...

I have not the pleasure of meeting this guy personally, but I know his work and I can tell you that is available to very few. And when you consider their age and other circumstances, we can say that is one of a kind.
So what can I say. He is good and he knows it, his work is there and anyone who knows what this is all he knows. A wretched HR dauber come to waste your time and make stupid questions, I see it a lack of respect. The problem is from the HR department who have failed to assess their profile before interview. Does negotiate their contracts a top player like a regional division one? That's it.
And finally, I think you confuse arrogance with pride. If usually we would had a little bit of pride in this sector, sure we all would go much better.

...you, dear stranger, made me smile :-)

Ok, the Slashdot effect thanks to this publicity was not bad, too... :-P