viernes, 25 de enero de 2013

The cake is NOT a lie

One month ago I published a post asking about if I could be able to get something better than a job thanks to ShareIt!... this week I got the answer to this question: that ShareIt! would be used as a basis for a product on a multi-national company :-D

This week I received an email from Shirsendu Karmakar, an engineer at SlideShare (recently bought by LinkedIn) telling me that he was impressed by ShareIt! and that he will use it for a free an open project. It's nice to know about it... but it's nicer that he give me administrator priviledges on the repository without asking about it :-P

So WhatAreYouDownloading it's mainly a fork of ShareIt! with a cleaner interface based on Bootstrap instead of plain jQuery (that by the way I was thinking about it at a first for UI homogeneity, althought it didn't fit too well with my original desing and I dropped it very early on the development process) but with a radical UI design more minimalistic (it reminds me to Windows 8 Metro) using dialogs instead of tabs for the diferent sections and, being sincere, with a better fit for mobile phones :-)

Main screen
Sharing "tab", now a dialog, the same as the other ones :-)
Also he linted the source code and did a code organization fairly interesting, using WebP2P as a library although I didn't finished yet to isolate it. What a nice piece of cake... :-)

The best of all, since it's just an aesthetic (and code) make-up, the WebP2P protocol is intact so WhatAreYouDownloading it's totally compatible with ShareIt! that was one of the design purposses I had in mind during development (allow others to develop their own applications being compatibles with other ones using the same protocol), so this made me think that I should split ShareIt! and WebP2P source code as soon as possible to allow more applications like WhatAreYouDownloading to appear :-) As a first approach, I'll try to re-merge the linted code inside ShareIt! source code tree and sync WhatAreYouDownloading interface to the latest modifications of ShareIt! code so they could interoperate better, let's see later where the rabbit's hole ends... :-P