domingo, 7 de octubre de 2012

Class 101

Some days ago I finally was able to finish the problems that I got with DataChannel-polyfill and published a version using them so the guys from the WebP2P group could be able to test it. The fact was that regarding this, the first feedback I received* was about don't know how to use it, so I put my "plain user hat" on and got where was the problem.

Althought I was developing ShareIt! with usability and accesibility in mind, the fact was that being at a development stage I was thinking more about the developer (the guy that will go to GitHub and download the code) instead of the final user or just the curious, so the demo that I have uploaded to 5Apps didn't make a sense to them. This is the reason why in the last days I have been developing a "Start here" div that will be showed when there's no active sharings or downloads, with the tabs disabled and a big arrow pointing to the main menu, and also some links to the starting points of the app. This way also it could be used as a presentation page, so finally I developed the app logo and favicon (just a pretext to learn to use Inkscape... :-P), so now the app at 5Apps will looks prettier with a custom logo instead of the default one :-)

Tomorrow I'll put a little tutorial about how I did it ;-)

* the second one was about requesting collaborate in the project to integrate it in AtomOS as a FTP-like communications layer :-)